When Will I Find My Next Job?

The skilled labor force in the United States has set our nation apart with its skills, productivity and ingenuity. However, our skilled labor force is currently under siege; and being ravished by a punishing economy. The question for many of those workers is "When will I find my next job?"

With approximately 20 million workers out of work (both those on unemployment and those no longer counted), people are very scared and some are pretty frustrated by their lack of work. What savings they once had is now long gone. They are fighting to keep houses that they purchased during better economic times; and many are receiving some sort of welfare for the first time in their lives.

Then they read about more and continuing lay-offs. It is easy to understand their desperation.

The fact is that there are places that need their skills, possibly in their own communities. The way to find those positions is to meet and talk with people in their community every day. Don't wait until the position is posted on a job board. When the job is posted on a website, the competition increases by a hundredfold.

How do you find those jobs before everyone else? Go to your library and chat with the reference librarian about potential reference sources of local companies, especially those that may need your skills. If you are in manufacturing for instance, look at the Manufacturers Register for your state. This directory lists every manufacturing entity in your state. They may not have an open position listed anywhere (the best kind of company!!), but if you chat with them about your skills they may create one for you. I have seen that happen many times – and it even worked for me in construction in the early 1970's.

Share leads that don't interest you with other people. This is grass roots networking – and if you become known as a person who shares openings, someone will share one with you. Remember the saying "What goes around, comes around!" It is true.

As a nation of workers, we cannot control what the President or Congress does (other than vote at election time). During this time, we need to use our ingenuity to help ourselves. If we help each other one by one find a new job; it will benefit every other unemployed worker find a job. After a period of time, we will create a wave of new jobs just by starting one by one.

You can be successful and you will be successful because that is who we are.

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