FarmVille Pic of the Day: Take a day trip to Becky99's zoo

farmville becky99 zoo farm
farmville becky99 zoo farm

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Somewhat accidentally, our FarmVille Pic of the Day posts have become a bit of a zoo farm showdown over the last few weeks. We had both Hemi 426 and AlexisSkrull's FarmVille zoo designs competing for supremacy. But folks, if you've checked out those two farms, you have to agree that Becky99's zoo farm reigns supreme.

Becky99's farm is the complete package. Beautiful trees line the outside of the park, and neatly organized animal exhibits populate the interior. Becky99 clearly designed this park paying attention to the all the minute details. In addition, the animal exhibits are all themed, featuring carefully selected animals. Of particular interest is the winter animal exhibit clearly visible in the center of the zoo. Picnic benches, ponds, decorations, buildings, and a park entrance are all present and add tremendously to the overall design.

Congratulations Becky99, your design is clearly the one zoo farm to rule them all.

What do you think of Becky99's awesome FarmVille zoo?

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