CityVille Reverse Bungee Attraction: Everything you need to know

Yet another attraction has been added to CityVille's growing list, with this one being the most extreme yet. If you're afraid of heights, you'll want to avert your eyes, as a Reverse Bungee attraction is now available to build in your game. The Reverse Bungee is the most expensive of the Attractions released thus far, costing 15,000 coins in the store, and it also takes the most time to run through a complete cycle.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, however, let's take a look at its construction. Once you place the base in your city, you'll need to spend eight energy to complete its frame. From there, you'll be asked to staff the building with just eight staff members. Sure, that might take a bit to find eight friends that want to help you out, but think of how long an item collection event usually lasts...

Either way, once you've finished the construction of your Reverse Bungee, you'll be able to put it into business. A single, complete cycle takes an entire day to complete. Before now, the longest running time of any attraction belonged to the Ferris Wheel at eight minutes, so this definitely blows that one out of the proverbial water. As for earnings, you'll earn at least 2,000 coins, but have the potential to earn up to 10,000 coins with each cycle, depending on how many guests "visit" the ride.

For having such a long run time, the Maintenance period hasn't been extended to match, as it takes just two days (keep in mind, other attractions take three days). Of course, you can also throw some Wrenches at the Reverse Bungee (collect the Wrenches from your friends) to make that "cooldown" period go by even faster. Just remember that you can only post one request for Wrenches at a time, and that all attractions pull from the same pool of Wrenches (unfortunately).

As more and more attractions are released into CityVille, we'll make sure to let you know (and will let you know if the Wrench mechanic is improved). Keep checking back with us!

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