Alleged Workplace Gunman, Shareef Allman, Killed in Manhunt

A move from day shift to nights might have caused a truck driver at a Northern California quarry, Shareef Allman, to kill three of his co-workers Wednesday and wound six others.

Meanwhile, police reported that Allman, 47, was shot to death during a manhunt by authorities Thursday in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Allman was wanted for the deaths of three at the Permanente limestone quarry in nearby Cupertino. Allman had allegedly stormed out of a routine 4:30 a.m. safety meeting only to return hours later with a fully loaded rifle and 9mm handgun, MSNBC quoted Santa Clara County Sheriff's Lt. Rick Sung as saying.

The rampage that ensued, which took place shortly before 7 a.m., took place before 15 people in attendance at the meeting. Three died, and were named as follows: Manuel Pinon, 48, of Newman, Calif., and John Vallejos, 51, and Mark Munoz, 59, both of San Jose. Six more were left in critical condition. The shootout was followed by a massive shutdown of Cupertino, the home of the Apple company. Public schools were closed for the day.

Locals and friends were at a loss trying to understand the allegations against a man they largely thought of as an upstanding member of the Northern California community. In addition to his work at the quarry, Allman produced and hosted a public access television show for the CreaTV channel in San Jose. Among the figures he had interviewed over his career included Jesse Jackson (pictured with Allman above).

And as The Associated Press and the San Jose Mercury News reported, Allman had racked up the profile of a thoughtful Renaissance man. The single father of two had been a fierce advocate for Hurricane Katrina victims, and had also penned a novel about the evils of domestic violence, entitled "Saving Grace."

"You talk about Mr. Mom," said Sandra Dailey, 54, who described herself as a close friend of Allman's. "He never missed an event. He was an incredible father."

Speculation over Allman's possible motivations centered on recent events at the quarry, according to a separate report in the San Jose Mercury News. A neighbor told police that Allman was frustrated over having his work hours cut back. He was also alleged disgruntled over his forced transition from the day to night shift. The move meant that he had less time to spend with his adolescent daughter.

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