Pads That Steve Jobs Left Behind

(The home above is where Steve Jobs lived in high school and later started Apple.)

The late Apple visionary, Steve Jobs, left behind two properties which serve as mileposts in the innovator's ascent from gadget hobbyist to Silicon Valley titan. The first property is his childhood home in Los Altos, Calif., where Jobs started Apple. The second is a parcel once occupied by a sprawling and historic Spanish Colonial home in Woodside, Calif., a house that Jobs fought successfully for the right to demolish.

Jobs and his family moved to the Los Altos three-bedroom in 1969 because the driven adolescent wanted to attend a better high school. In the early '70s he left for a brief stint in college and later spent some time working in Silicon Valley. But the home where he first cultivated his interest in gadgets would continue to be a launching pad in Jobs' career: Jobs and his high school buddy, Steve Wozniak, started Apple in that house's garage in 1976.