FarmVille Pic of the Day: Jlworkmore's farm asks 'Where are my carrots, doc?'

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Pixel art with hay bales is the easiest way to personalize your FarmVille farm. It's almost like playing with colored blocks. Anyone can do it if they've got an eye for detail. That's probably why most of the hardcore landscaping community goes for 3D effects and elaborate setups, where hay bales are left playing art support instead of being the main attraction. But sometimes, you just come across a piece of art that leaps out at you (or just looks too delicious to ignore).

Today's entry comes from first-timer jlworkmore, who obviously loves Bugs Bunny enough to make Bugs the star of his farm. But wait, something is wrong here! Bugs loves carrots, but jlworkmore has surrounded him in a field of what appears to be carrots--because hey, the whole place looks orange, right?--but it's actually a pumpkin field! The actual FarmVille carrot crop grows mostly green, because carrots grow into the ground. Hence, the irony of being called "carrot top" if you've got red hair, when the tops of carrots all sport a healthy brush of green foliage.

But Bugs doesn't care about that. He wants to know where his carrots went. If this farm art could talk, it'd probably say, "Eh, where are my carrots, doc?"

Feeling inspired? What other characters and famous food pairings can you think up?
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