FarmVille: Farmer Appreciation Week highlights

While the biggest perk of FarmVille's Farmer Appreciation Week has arguably been the release of Double Mastery lasting the entire week, that hasn't been the only perk released thus far. In addition to the Skeleton Cow we told you about earlier this evening, Zynga has also announced that other changes (some that you may not notice right away) have also gone into effect.

For instance, after this update rolls around to all famers, it looks like any rare Mystery Baby from a Wildlife Habitat, Zoo or Pet Run will only require 20 Animal Feed to grow into an adult, rather than 30. Any babies that are already on your farms don't look like they'll receive the decrease, but any babies spawned after the update should require less feed. We haven't been given a time limit as to the end of this tweak, so it just might be permanent.

In addition, we've been told that the Candy Corn crop has started to roll back out to farmers. This crop was available last year, complete with crop mastery, so it might not mean much to many veteran farmers, but if you're new to the game, or didn't have a chance to complete the entire mastery tree of Candy Corn the first time, this will be your second chance.

Finally, if you've yet to unlock land expansions in the English Countryside up to 30x30, you can now purchase those expansions for 50% off their original Farm Cash prices. For instance, the 26x26 English Expanse normally costs 100 Farm Cash, but now costs 50. Unfortunately, this sale has had no effect on the coin prices of the 26x26 or 28x28 farms.

According to official FarmVille forums, this still isn't a complete list of items or changes that will be released as part of Farmer Appreciation Week, and we'll make sure to bring you further highlights as interesting prizes and changes continue to roll out.

Did you master Candy Corn the first time it was available to master? Will you purchase any English Countryside expansions that are on sale? What other sorts of bonuses to you hope to see released during this Farmer Appreciation Week? Sound off in the comments.