CityVille Sneak Peek: Halloween items coming soon

By the time CityVille released late last year, Halloween had long since passed, leaving this year to be the first year we'll be able to see a themed set of items released in the game. According to a new image Zynga has posted to the game's official forums, the developer doesn't want to disappoint! While there's no telling how many of the items featured in this preview [pictured] will actually end up in the game, it does leave us with ample room for speculation.

First, we see the expected items, like a Haunted House or cute bat gargoyles. There are what look to be dead trees hanging out in the background, while a black cat looks very spooked at the front of the scene. Could the Haunted House be a new home that will add creepy / monster citizens to your town, or perhaps Sam's outfit in the front left is an indication that we'll be able to buy Halloween costumes for our entire population in the store. Could the cat, gravestones and even gargoyles seen in the picture be decorations? What about the mummy, ghost and Frankenstein monster? Are those new characters that we'll be introduced to, or will they too be simply decorations?

Via an educated guess, I'd assume that we'll, at the very least, see a Halloween-themed item set released in the game's store containing quite a few decorations. It would only make sense to see some businesses and homes added to the theme as well so we can create a truly haunted (but functioning) segment to our town, and I wouldn't be shocked in the slightest if a set of goals were released as well. Regardless of the final product, you can be sure we'll keep on top of all things Halloween related in CityVille, and will let you know just as soon as we know more.

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Are you excited to see Halloween come to CityVille? What sorts of items do you hope are released? Let us know in the comments.