CityVille Hometown Halloween update gives your city the spooky touch

CityVille Hometown Halloween updateLook, we all know Christmas trumps Halloween every time. That said, Halloween is a very, very close second. So, I'll take a mobile game update in tribute to yet another holiday that has lost all meaning, thanks Zynga. The company pushed out Version 1.023 of CityVille Hometown, and it's chock-full of goodies that will turn your quaint little down into a mini, digital Salem.

Of course, there are a number of Halloween-themed decorations to place in the game now, but players can also decorate buildings and businesses to give them that "haunted house" look. (Gee, if only decoration my own house was this simple.) The update also brings a bevy of Halloween-centric Goals, and a new building that's said to offer unique rewards, The Graveyard.

And luckily for you, Zynga threw in a few much-needed fixes like better inventory presentation to make using Energy simpler and a fix to the Energy out-of-sync issues. And when it comes to enhancements, CV Hometown now has improved animations and increased expansion space for your town. And with the amount of content that seems to be packed into this update, you might need the room sooner than you think.
CV Hometown Halloween theme
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