CityVille Governor's Run Student Goals: Everything you need to know

While it may be easy to get a bit caught up in completing the limited time Enrique Iglesias goals / event in CityVille, keep in mind that the world of politics never sleeps, and Captain Krunsch is continuing to work on earning more votes! This time, he's moved on from the Nature-loving special interest group to helping students. However, as usual, you're given a chance to swoop in and help the kids out first, earning their vote(s) before Krunsch has a chance! This takes place via a new goal series - a four-parter, to be exact. Let's find out how difficult these are going to be.

Student Election

  • Ask for 10 Alarm Clocks

  • Collect from Student Center 2 Times

  • Collect a Thrift Shop 30 Times

As usual, these Governor's Run goals aren't exactly challenging, but are rather incredibly time consuming. The Thrift Shop costs 7,000 coins to purchase from the store and requires 175 Goods - not exactly a small number. To have to collect from one so many times is a bit outlandish, but I suppose if you have more than one in your town it could speed the process up a bit, so long as you don't run out of Goods. As for the Student Center, this is part of the new University feature. Even if you don't plan on constructing the rest of the college-themed buildings, this Student Center is still available to build in the store (just check out our guide). Finish this first goal and you'll receive 14 Energy. You'll need it after all of the Energy you spent completing this goal.

Spring Break

  • Ask for 15 Beach Towels

  • Collect from 4 Cruise Ships

  • Check into three different Neighbor Hotels

A Little Liner Cruise Ship requires 300 Goods each time you supply it, which can be done once every 12 hours. As for the hotels, just visit your neighbors' cities and if they have a hotel, click on the hotel to check yourself in. This goal rewards you with 6,400 coins when completed.

Interns for Hire

  • Ask for 20 Business Suits

  • Collect from Weather Station 4 Times

  • Collect from 16 Sydney Ships

Supply ships sent to Sydney will return after eight hours. Don't worry if you don't have 16 ships to send out all at once; these goals don't have any strict time limit to adhere to, so you're not exactly rushed. As for the Weather Station, this is a Community Building that you can find the guide to building right here. Finishing this third goal gives you 3,200 Goods.

Agriculture Shock

  • Level up Egglplant

  • Unwither 15 Neighbor Crops

  • Harvest 10 Wheat

You'll want to use those Goods you received at the end of the last goal fairly quickly, as this particular goal will see you rewarded with plenty more! Leveling up the Eggplant means that you'll need to earn a star of mastery for the crop, with the first star being available after 50 harvests. As for unwithering neighor crops, the best way to go about this is to scroll to the very end of your friends' list, to the area containing friends that have probably stopped playing the game, and go from there. It's likely that at least three neighbors left some crops behind to wither, so just click on them to unwither them and complete this task. For completing this final goal in the Student series, you will have earned the confidence of the student body, along with 500 XP as a prize.

[Via CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of these Student goals in the Governor's Run event? Are you pleased with the challenge we've seen associated with this event so far, or do you wish things were a bit easier? Sound off in the comments.