CityVille Coca-Cola Plant: Everything you need to know [UPDATE]

UPDATE! While this promotion is apparently only supposed to be available in Latin America (as of this writing), we can confirm that there's a way to get the Coca Cola Plant in your town. Simply empty out all of your energy and then click on something that requires energy. This brings up the old version of the game's store (where you would normally be asked to purchase energy with City Cash - as seen below), and you can scroll through the business section to find the Coke Plant waiting to be purchased for 5,000 coins.

This week, CityVille has received another branded business in the form of a Coca-Cola Plant, but this one comes with a catch. As of this writing, it looks like this entire event, including the collection, business and exclusive decoration, is only available for Latin America. Again, we're waiting on Zynga to confirm or deny, but right now, this promotion simply doesn't appear to be available anywhere else. We'll update this space if we learn differently.

In the meantime, what can our friends in Latin America expect from this promotion? They'll need to build a Coca Cola Plant in their town to fulfill the "Coke Zero Plant!" goal. According to details on the CityVille Wiki (again, since this promotion is only available to Latin America, details are fairly hard to come by), this business is a 4x4 one that requires 100 Goods and gives off 500 coins each time those Goods are used.

Once the Coca Cola Plant is built, the Coke Zero Plant! goal will apparently be satisfied, rewarding users with a Coke Zero Bottle decoration, a large statue that gives off a 24% payout bonus.

When collecting profits from the Coca Cola Plant, there will be a chance to receive pieces to the Coca Zero Collection. These five pieces are four bottle caps spelling out "ZERO" and a Coke Zero Cup. Turning in this collection gives off the Coke Zero Can decoration, which also has a 24% payout bonus.

Again, as of right now, there's no word that this promotion will expand outside Latin America / Brazil, but we'll make sure you're the first to know if and when it does. SEE UPDATE ABOVE

Do you live in a country that's eligible for this branded business? Do you wish you were? What do you think of this Coca Cola Plant? Sound off in the comments.