Cafe World DishMaster & Signature Dishes: Everything you need to know


Earlier this month, we brought you a sneak preview of an upcoming Signature Dish feature in Cafe World that would let you combine various ingredients to create your own dishes, which could then be mastered. Well, we didn't have to wait long for this feature to go live, as it has already started rolling out to most chefs. To be specific, you'll need to build something called the DishMaster to unlock the Signature Dish feature and the Tasting Lab where you can actually design your new dishes.

It's construction requires various building materials, and takes place in a process that's similar to most every other building project in the game. Here's your list of required ingredients:

  • 6 LCD Touchscreens

  • 5 Circuit Boards

  • 6 Taste Sensors

  • 12 Gourmet Processing Units

The LCD Touchscreens and Taste Sensors can be earned by posting general requests on your news feed, while the Circuit Boards and Gourmet Processing Units need to be earned by asking your friends individually to help you.

Once you complete the construction of the DishMaster, you'll be able to access the Taste Lab, where you'll combine various ingredients across six different categories to make your own dishes. The six categories are: Base Ingredients, Meats, Sauces, Herbs and Spices, Premium and Side Dishes. To start, you'll just have access to the first three categories and must unlock Herbs and Spices, Premium and Side Dishes over time.

By clicking inside each individual category, you'll be able to choose from a variety of ingredients that you have in your inventory. For instance, you could choose Spaghetti as a base ingredient (items like Rice, Rice Noodles and Potatoes are also available in that category - items that may not have much flavor overall, but work great with most anything you add to it), and then choose from Beef, Chicken, Tuna, Pork, etc. for a meat. Finally, you'd then want to add a sauce to this pasta dish, and could choose from options like Marinara, Salsa Verde, Teriyaki and more. Again, depending on how many ingredients you currently have in your "Taste Lab," the options for each dish could be great or fairly limited.

Each individual ingredient has its own set of stats, changing the amount of servings you'll receive when cooking the final dish, how long the dish will take to cook and so on. You can purchase new ingredients from a market with ingredients costing either coins or Cafe Cash, depending on their stats and, well... if Zynga purely feels like it, and you can also name your new dishes to make them truly unique. Of course, once you create a dish, you can master it, but you can currently only create what looks to be four dishes to start. You can upgrade that quantity with Cafe Cash.

In addition to this new Signature Dish feature, there are also goals associated with it - seven, to be exact. We'll make sure to give you a complete rundown over the goals just as soon as we can.

[Second Image Credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this entire Signature Dish feature? Will you take the time to collect or purchase ingredients to make your own dishes, or are you still trying to master all of the dishes currently available in the cookbook? Sound off in the comments.