Viewpoint: Where's Housing in the 'Occupy' Protests?

Did the voices of the housing crisis just get swallowed up by the anti-Wall Street protests? Marches, sit-ins and confrontations with police -- all part of the Occupy Wall St. movement that organizers say was birthed organically and fed through social media outlets -- are happening in major cities across the country. Without question, windows across America have opened and, just like in the movie "Network," people are shouting "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

The only problem is that homeowners caught in the foreclosure crisis also stuck their heads out those windows and save for a fleeting few seconds, the take-to-the-streets protests have ignored them in favor of taking corporate greed to task. Nowhere on the main Occupy Wall St. website is housing even mentioned. (Pictured above are protesters in Los Angeles.)