Viewpoint: Kamala Harris for President

When the player with the most skin in the game makes a bet, it's worth taking notice. California Attorney General Kamala Harris made her play when she walked out last week from the 11-month-long settlement negotiations between the 50 state attorneys general and the major U.S. banks. And now, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley says that she also doesn't think a fair settlement over foreclosure abuses can be reached and she's moving forward with lawsuits relating to unlawful foreclosures.

This may go down in history as the Kamala Harris (pictured at left) tidal wave.

Harris, who represents the largest and one of the hardest-hit states in the foreclosure crisis, deemed the settlement being worked out with the banks as too little, too late for the nation's foreclosure victims. And for that alone, I'd like to nominate her for president.

By saying that 1.2 million foreclosed-upon Californians have been pillaged and driven from their homes by the masked marauders, and that the proposed settlement deal on the table lets the captured bandits off the hook too easily, she raised a voice for homeowners that hasn't previously been heard.