Store Clerk's Error Makes Prom Dress Attendant A Lotto Winner

accidental Mega Millions winnerAnyone who wins the lottery is lucky, but to do so by accident?

A Georgia woman has just done that, having been notified by the Georgia Lottery Headquarters she just won a jackpot of $25 million.

Kathy Scruggs, 44 of Lithonia, Georgia, initially intended to enter the Mega Millions lottery when she purchased lotto tickets at a Shell Food Mart in Decatur. The clerk, however, provided her with tickets for both Mega Millions and Powerball upon taking her money for the Sept. 14 drawing. And it turns out it was the latter that cashed out, according to a report by the Associated Press.

Speaking to local media outlet WGCL-TV, Scruggs was plainspoken about the mixup of tickets.

"I just took it anyway. So I bought Powerball and Mega Millions," she said, according to a UPI report. Scruggs, who opted for the cash option, will walk away with 15,124,017 before taxes.

According to CNN, Scruggs was at home when she found out about her victory. Having been out of work after a seasonal job ended last spring related to high school prom dresses, she woke everyone up in her house.

"We were screaming and hollering, and everybody came running," Scruggs said. "We couldn't believe it."

She says she'll use the money winnings to build houses for her mother and grandmother. She also plans to start foundations for the homeless and to provide dental assistance for the poor.

Having heard of the consequences of her flub, the store clerk was nothing but ecstatic.

"Sometimes it happens," Baljit Suddan told CNN,. "They ask for something, and by mistake (we) give them something (else). ... It was a blessing for her."

For those keeping score at home, her winning numbers were 6-41-42-50-59.

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