Game of the Day: Stars Logic

stars logic game of the day
Folks, though Stars Logic looks rather different, it's still a match 3 game at heart. The object of Stars Logic is to eliminate all the orange stars outlined in blue. To do this, box each one with 8 stars of the same color. To get more points, create the colored combos shown on the left side. But don't take too long racking up the points, because time is ticking and if the clock runs out, it's game over!

Sure you'll breeze through the first level with ease. But after that, it's going to take some wit and planning to clear those stars. Carefully attempt to box the stars while creating patterns to create extra space. If you fill up the board, it's all over, so make sure you think ahead.

And in case you're confused about the controls: Use the arrow keys to aim and rotate the board. Press space bar to launch a star. Awesome, give it a shot and let me know what you think!

Click here to play Stars Logic!
stars logic game of the daystars logic game of the day
What level of Stars Logic were you able to reach? Did you get a high score?
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