Pioneer Trail Crop Mastery Goals: Everything you need to know

Pioneer Trail Crop Mastery Goals
Pioneer Trail Crop Mastery Goals

Many of you are likely already planting the foundations of your 3F Mastery Gardens in Pioneer Trail. But while you're at it, scurrying to get your hands on the spankin' new Crop Mastery feature, you might notice that Zynga has threw in a number of repeatable missions for players to take a crack at.

These Crop Mastery Goals allow players to beef up their Mastery ratings on crops more easily, and score some extra reward while they're at it. Just click on the finished 3F Mastery Garden to access a bevy of Goals to occupy yourself with. So, here's everything you need to know about the Crop Mastery Goals in Pioneer Trail:

3F Missions 1
3F Missions 1

The Clover Grower

  • Harvest 80 Clover

  • Tend 20 Sheep

  • Collect 15 Loam

To harvest 80 Clover, you'll need 800 Coins and at least five minutes. If you don't own 20 Sheep to tend, they cost 280 Coins, while the 15 Loam are found through friend requests. For completing this Goal, enjoy 25 Clover Mastery and 10 Super Clover Seeds.

The Grandeur of Grapes

  • Harvest 55 Grapes

  • Collect 15 White Roses

  • Collect 15 Loam

The 55 Grapes will cost you 12,375 Coins and take at least 12 hours to grow. As for the the 15 White Roses, you will need 200 Coins and at least 10 hours before they grow. Again, the 15 Loam come from friend requests. Your reward for finishing this Goal includes 85 Grape Mastery and 10 Super Grape Seeds.

The Corn Collector

  • Harvest 40 Corn

  • Harvest 40 Blue Corn

  • Collect 15 Healthy Soil

To harvest 40 Corn, you will need 9,000 Coins, and those crops take 12 hours to grow. The 40 Blue Corn, on the other hand, will cost 9,120 Coins and take another 12 hours to grow. Healthy Soil is another item you must request from your friends. Enjoy 35 Corn Mastery and 10 Super Corn Seeds as your reward.

The Eggplant Expert

  • Harvest 70 Eggplants

  • Collect Three Inn Bonuses

  • Collect 15 Healthy Soil

Harvesting 70 Eggplant will cost a whopping 32,750 Coins and take just two hours to grow. Since you need to collect three Inn Daily Bonuses, this Goal will take at least three days to complete. Ask you friends for 15 Healthy Soil, and 70 Eggplant Mastery and 10 Super Eggplant Seeds are yours.

The Mighty Melon

  • Harvest 65 Melons

  • Collect Three 3F Garden Bonuses

  • Collect 15 Loam

Melons are found through the Free Gifts page, so acquiring 65 of them will take some time. To speed things up, put them on your Wish List so that your friends know that you're in need of them. Again, the Loam comes from your friends through requests, and this Goal will take three days at the very least, because of the Daily Bonus requirements. You'll score 140 Melon Mastery and 10 Super Melon Seeds as a reward.

3F MIssions 2
3F MIssions 2

The Pineapple Professional

  • Harvest 60 Pineapples

  • Chop 20 Trees down

  • Collect 15 Healthy Soil

These 60 Pineapples will cost you 11,400 Coins and take a minimum of 10 hours to grow. If you've completed the recent Baby Bunyan Goals, then chopping down 20 Trees should be even easier. Again, ask your friends directly for 15 Healthy Soil. A nice 100 Pineapple Mastery and 10 Super Pineapple Seeds are yours for completing this Goal.

The Potato Producer

  • Harvest 60 Potatoes

  • Collect Three General Store Bonuses

  • Collect 15 Loam

The 60 Potatoes for this Goal will require you to have 5,400 Coins and to wait at least four hours for them to harvest. This Goal will also take three days with the Daily Bonus requirement, which should give you time to find 15 friends willing to put up Loam. You'll receive 50 Potato Mastery and 10 Super Potato Seeds for your efforts.

The Regal Roses

  • Harvest 20 Red Roses

  • Harvest 30 Pink Roses

  • Collect 15 Healthy Soil

Harvesting 20 Red Roses will cost you 8,000 Coins and will take at least a whopping one day and 12 hours to ripen. The 30 Pink Roses, however, will cost a total of 9,000 Coins and take just 14 hours to harvest. You should know where the 15 Healthy Soil come from by now. An impressive 125 Rose Mastery and 10 Super Rose Seeds await you as a reward.

The Superior Strawberries

  • Harvest 40 Strawberries

  • Collect Three School House Bonuses

  • Collect 15 Healthy Soil

To harvest 40 Strawberries, make sure you have reached The High Plains on the Pioneer Trail and unlocked access to the Wild Strawberries crop with enough Trail Points. The School House Daily Bonuses will take three days to complete, while the Healthy Soil comes, again, from friend requests. Your rewards for this Goal are 160 Strawberry Mastery and 10 Super Strawberry Seeds.

The Wheat Winner

  • Harvest 35 Wheat

  • Tend 15 Adult Cows

  • Collect 15 Loam

The 35 Wheat will cost you 12,775 Coins and take a minimum of one day to grow. If you don't own 15 Adult Cows, they cost 765 Coins apiece in the Market. Find 15 Loam through asking your friends, and you'll receive a hefty 110 Wheat Mastery and 10 Super Wheat Seeds. Remember, these Goals are repeatable, so they might prove a lucrative alternative to approaching Crop Mastery ratings directly.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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