Pioneer Trail 3F Mastery Garden Goals: Everything you need to know

3F Mastery Garden
3F Mastery Garden

When the 4F Animal Mastery Club released to Pioneer Trail (then known as FrontierVille), Zynga granted players the ability to master their animals on the homestead. Now, pioneers everywhere can master their crops, but for far more than just bragging rights. The 3F Mastery Garden is here, and along with it a number of Goals and features brand new to the game.

For one, the new building will unlock the Crop Mastery feature, but also Super Crops. These beefed up crops have a higher chance of appearing when harvesting normal crops as you increase their Mastery rating, and provide much bigger rewards for less Energy spent. But enough about what Crop Mastery will do for you, here's how to get your grubby mitts on it:

A Growing Interest

  • Harvest Fifteen Corn

  • Harvest Twenty Pink Roses

  • Collect 10 Composters

Harvesting 15 Corn will cost a total of 3,375 Coins and take at least 12 hours to complete, while 20 Pink Roses will cost 6,000 Coins and take 14 hours at least to finish. The 10 Composters appear to be sourced from friend requests, as per usual. For completing this Goal, you will score 500 XP, 500 Coins and 10 Super Clover Seeds, which will come in handy next.

Get Yer Garden Goin'

  • Collect One 3F Garden Daily Bonus

  • Harvest any five Super Crops

  • Clear 8 Rocks

This Goal assumes you have already completed the 3F Mastery Garden. So, if you clicked "Place Garden" when the feature appeared on your homestead (remember folks, all Zynga game features are on slow roll-outs), you're already on your way. Once you place the foundation and whack it a few times at the cost of Wood and Energy, clicking it again will cause this window below to appear. Unfortunately, you will need to ask your friends through general News Feed posts for 10 of each of the three items up top, while 15 each of the three items down below will require you to ask friends directly.

Finish your 3F Mastery Garden
Finish your 3F Mastery Garden

Once your 3F Mastery Garden is complete, you will have access to Crop Mastery and all of the extra Crop Mastery Goals that come with the new building. (Of course, clicking on the finished building will allow you to collect the Daily Bonus.) You already have 10 Super Clover Seeds, so plant and harvest them. Clear eight simple rocks, and enjoy access to the new Orchid crop, 700 XP and 700 Coins.

Romance Blossoms

  • Complete the Clover 3F Mission

  • Collect three Orchid Arrangements

  • Harvest 25 Melons

To access the extra, repeatable Goals, just click on the 3F Mastery Garden and then click "Mastery Missions." The Clover 3F Mission, "The Clover Grower," requires you to harvest 80 Clover, which will cost 800 Coins and take at least five minutes. You're also asked to tend 20 Sheep and collect 15 Loam, the latter of which come from friend requests. Finally, 25 Melons can be found by sharing the new crop from the Free Gifts page, so they're free to plant. Finish this daunting tasks and enjoy a Straw Hat, 900XP and 900 Coins.

About Crop Mastery
About Crop Mastery

Make Yer Granny Proud

  • Complete the Grape 3F Mission

  • Master Eggplants to Level 1

  • Tend 50 Neighbor Crops

The Grape 3F Mission, "The Grandeur of Grapes," requires you to harvest 55 Grapes, which will cost 14,025 Coins and take at least 12 hours to grow. The repeatable mission also asks you to harvest 15 White Roses, and those will cost 3,000 Coins total and will grow in at least 10 hours. Again, the mission will demand you ask your friends for 15 more Loam.

Back to the Goal at hand, you must master Eggplant to Level 1, a feat that will require you to be at least Level 19 and have 15 neighbors. Finally, you will need to visit at least 10 friends to tend 50 neighbor crops. For all of this, you will score Gardening Overalls, 900XP and 900 Coins. You'll also be done with these immense and be able to enjoy Crop Mastery in peace.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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