CityVille: Enrique Iglesias has officially arrived!

As we told you at the end of September, the time has come for Enrique Iglesias to make a stop on his Euphoria Tour right in your town in CityVille! While this event may not be as large or widespread as Lady Gaga's GagaVille invasion of FarmVille, there are still goals to complete here, along with a building to construct. Ok, so this isn't just any regular building - it's a concert stage for Enrique himself!

First and foremost, you'll see the music sensation walking around your town's streets with an orange logo and picture above his avatar (he is rather tiny and hard to spot, after all). You'll be given a two-part goal series that sees you building his concert stage and having concerts, and will be given some exclusive limited edition items for completing them. Since building the concert stage is actually a requirement of the first goal, let's get right to that, shall we?

Enrique Concert!
  • Place and Complete Enrique's Euphoria Arena
  • Play 3 Euphoria Concerts
  • Collect all five parts of the Enrique Collection

While the base of the Arena already requires a few energy to complete, you'll still need to collect quite a few building materials to finish this one off. You'll need three each of Strobe Lights, Screaming Fans, Stadium Seats, Stage Lights and Speakers. The Strobe Lights and Stadium Seats are earned through individual requests sent to friends, while the other three items are earned through general news posts on your wall. Once it's complete, you can click on the Arena to start a concert, and by collecting from it, you'll earn random items from the Enrique Collection. By completing the three steps of this goal, you'll receive a Miami Speed Boat decorative item.

Backstage Pass
  • Ask friends for 2 Enrique Posters
  • Have Enrique's Speedboat in your City
  • Collect from 30 Residences

Just place a Miami Speed Boat over a watery section in your town and you'll finish this second requirement. As for the Homes, it doesn't matter which houses you collect from, or how often, so feel free to collect from a short-timed home that produces rent every five minutes, for example, to quickly complete this one as well. Finish this second goal and you'll see Enrique thank you for his experience in your town and you will receive the Miami Skyrise home. This house offers you 20 coins every five minutes and has a population of 500-980 citizens.

So, all told, this event really isn't that deep, but it does give you a limited time opportunity (a week) to earn a few items that will likely never return to CityVille. If you're into having items with such rarity, or you're just a fan of Enrique and his music, make sure to play the game this week to take advantage of the event while you still can!

Will you try to complete these Enrique Iglesias-themed goals in CityVille? If any other musician could come to CityVille, who would you want it to be? Sound off in the comments.
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