Watch thousands of people scream to make the Angry Birds fly [Video]

Angry Birds Singapore
Angry Birds Singapore

And here we thought Angry Birds was supposed to be a soothing, amusing time waster. When we first heard that Rovio's mobile game-turned-household name would become one of those stadium sound games used to kill time between innings (or in this case, races), we were admittedly curious. But this promotional video displaying what Finnish companies Uplause and Rovio have created certainly clears things up a bit.

For one, it effectively dispels all inklings that the Angry Birds have lost their luster--kids are still nuts for those peeved, parrot-like creatures. Second, it looks like accuracy is predetermined, meaning the bird in the slingshot will never miss. What decides whether the little piggies are going down is a power meter. The meter takes the generated noise and translates it into how hard the bird is going to hit the makeshift fort.

This video was taken during the first display of Uplause has accomplished at the 2011 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix. And, well, everyone seems to have pretty much loved. But we're just gonna' guess that those guys in the Angry Birds costumes were Rovio employees--scratch that. We're just gonna hope that was the case.

[Via Pocket Gamer]

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