Adventure World Lost Children Expedition: Everything you need to know

Your last big hurdle before crossing the Level 20 mark in Adventure World comes with the Lost Children Expedition. After Level 20, you'll have access to more Expeditions and quests back on your base camp, but to get there, you'll first need to find a group of missing children and get them home in time for lunch! This particular Expedition has a whopping four day time limit, but also requires an equally large number of Supplies: 1800. You'll also need three each of Food, Fuel and Water before you can begin. Are you ready? Let's get started.

Find Missing Children!

  • Find the first Missing Child

  • Find the second Missing Child

  • Find the third Missing Child

  • Find the fourth Missing Child

All four of the children are hidden in separate locations on the map, but all are blocked by all sorts of debris or traps. You'll need to make your way to the general area of a child's location and then look around for trap switches and the like to clear your path to them once and for all. Along the way, you'll come across plenty of snakes, both out in the open and hiding within bushes, with some having six hit points each. Just make sure you plan your moves ahead of time, adventurers, as you'll be able to avoid some snakes altogether, thereby saving plenty of Energy for other uses.

Find the Azure Skulls

  • Get the First Azure Skull

  • Get the Second Azure Skull

  • Get the Third Azure Skull

These Azure Skulls are located out in the open, but they're under cloud cover and plenty of traps or debris. That is, you'll have to chop your way through bushes and thorns, and then attack snakes in your path) before ever being able to pick them up. Hopefully, you'll receive some bonus energy for doing so, as you'll definitely need it by the time you've finally made your way through all of these obstacles.

Find the Childrens' Toys!

  • Find the Yellow Bird Toy

  • Find the Blue Bird Toy

  • Find the Red Sloth Toy

  • Find the Blue Sloth Toy

These toys are scattered around the map as other items tend to be, but some of them are a bit better hidden than others. For instance, not far from the location of the first child (seen above) is a cloud in the corner that you might miss. Sitting underneath this cloud, behind some thorns, snakes and bushels, sits the Blue Sloth Toy as seen below (note that I had cleared out the bed path (the one costing the least energy in my game) if you'd like to take my same route to the toy.

While there are only three tasks in this particular Expedition, which may make you think the four day time limit is unnecessary, keep in mind that this is one of the most debris-heavy maps we've seen. Depending on how well you've upgraded your tools, each of these debris pieces could take 1-3 whacks to remove, which will drain your Energy immediately, leaving you to waste time letting it refill. Just remember that you can also hire friends to help you on this Expedition, giving you three free energy each, or to visit your friends and complete tasks on their Base Camps to also unlock a single free Energy for each friend you visit. Good luck!

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What do you think of this Lost Children Expedition? Have you upgraded your tools to the point that these debris-heavy maps aren't a big deal? Sound off in the comments.