Yankee Beer Vendor, Steve Lazarus, Suspended For 'Harassing' Red Sox Pitcher

Yankees beer vendor suspendedUsually if somebody else grabs their crotch at your workplace, you're not the one to get suspended. But not so if that somebody is Red Sox pitcher Alfredo Aceves, and you're a lowly Yankee beer vendor, who moonlights as a standup comedian.

Steve Lazarus has been selling Buds and Millers in Yankee stadium for 35 years, and is famous among fans for "selling hot dogs that were actually hot and cold beer that was actually cold," reports TheNew York Times, as well as the zingers he delivered free-of-charge. Lazarus told the New York Post that he galavanted over to the Mexican player and previous Yankees pitcher Aceves, and mockingly shouted: "Hey, you got ID?"

Aceves snapped back, "I got your ID right here," as he clutched his crotch.

Everyone in earshot allegedly erupted in laughter, except for "the team suits," one of whom presumably passed word to Lazarus' supervisor.

The boss reportedly called Lazarus off duty and scolded him for "harassing the opposing team's player."

Lazarus claims he responded "are you kidding?" before he had his badge confiscated and was escorted from the stadium where he has made a living since the age of 19.

The Bronx-born 53-year-old has been an avid baseball fan since he was 7, and started vending because of the chance to watch all the games for free. "If I could not be a player, I thought, the heck with being a fireman or policeman," he told the Times. "I want to be a vendor."

Because of Lazarus' one-liner, he had to miss the first two games of the American League Division Series. During playoff games, beer hawkers can earn between $200 to $300, so Lazarus is out perhaps over half a grand.

But Lazarus isn't all about the money. He self-published a book called "The Pope and Me at Yankee Stadium," about two games at which he vended Hebrew Nationals when the pope was in attendance, and donates a lot of the proceeds from it, as well as his standup shows, to charities associated with the Yankees.

The "You got ID?" line is one that Lazarus has used before, usually to young fans when their dad's buying a beer. When he's saying it to a famous, Mexican-born player for a rival team, it seems that people get a little more sensitive.

Steve Lazarus "The Yankee Beer Man" at Governor's Comedy Club

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