Game of the Day: Lost Island Mahjongg

lost island mahjongg game of the day
Enter the Lost Island of Mahjongg and explore its mysteries. Work your way through the adventure, or drop in for a quick tropical romp. It's your favorite tile game with a twist! Explore a variety of variety of locations and complete the 12 puzzles to unlock endless treasure.

Lost Island Mahjongg is the same game you know and love. But if you've never played a Mahjongg game before, don't worry, it's very straightforward. Remove uncovered tiles from the stack by matching the tile symbols. If a tile is partially covered by another tile, it isn't free yet and can't be used in a match. Colored prize tiles can be matched just by tile color rather than symbols and will boost your score. Remove all the tiles to complete the level!

If you're still not exactly sure on how to play, click the question mark (?) at the bottom right of the game screen to see the instructions. Have fun!

Click here to play Lost Island Mahjongg!
lost island mahjongg game of the daylost island mahjongg game of the day
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