House of the Day: Architect's Home Shows Him at His Peak

Take some equilateral triangles and fit them together into trance-inducing formations. Opt with glass for walls. Now perch this conglomeration over a hilltop. You've got the Walker Residence.

The midcentury modern house is the former residence of Rodney Walker, a renowned architect who died in 1986 and who was famous for his hands-on approach to designing homes. While some of his other works already are internationally acclaimed, his personal residence, which he seems to have purposefully kept under the radar, might surpass them in design, says the home's brokerage, Crosby Doe Associates.

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House of the Day: Architect's Home Shows Him at His Peak

The 4,300-square-foot structure is sited on a hilltop in the Ojai Valley of Ojai, Calif., and offers jaw-dropping vistas of the surrounding hills and mountains. Encased by floor-to-ceiling glass, the structure melts seamlessly into these environs. Crosby Doe Associates writes that Franklin Lloyd Wright said of the home: "From this vantage, you don't just see the valley and the mountains, you are the valley and the mountains!"

Accessible by a gated drive that winds up to its perch, the home offers four bedrooms, three bathrooms and generous open living space, along with a large media room and parking plaza.

Crosby Doe Associates has the listing.

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