FarmVille: Puppies leaving the store "soon"

And we'll file this one under "Flop." While plenty of FarmVille farmers may have adopted puppies, clearly they were in the minority. Let's face it - the puppy feature was far from perfect. With many puppies going for expensive Farm Cash prices, and then the possibility of them running away hanging over your head if you can't grow them fast enough, the entire feature apparently turned into more than we could take.

Apparently, Zynga feels the same way, as it's decided to end the feature entirely, announcing that it will remove all puppies from the store "soon." Now, if you happen to be a puppy owner, you don't have to worry about losing them, as you'll still be able to grow and train the puppies you've already purchased. On the other hand, if you were just waiting for a better breed, but do actively want a puppy, you can still purchase them. Here's its full announcement:

"Howdy Farmers, we've found plenty of homes for puppies, so you won't be able to find any more in the market soon. Not to worry though, you can still grow and train the ones you already have."

It's unfortunate that we don't know exactly when the pups will be taking their leave from the store, but I suppose this is one case where you'll want to make your last-minute purchases sooner, rather than later, just to be safe. As of this writing, you can still purchase one of six puppies. Here's the rundown of their prices (I wouldn't expect these to change):

Heeler - 65 Farm Cash
Border Collie - 300,000 coins
Border Collie (can't run away) - 65 Farm Cash
Golden Retriever - 65 Farm Cash
Sheepdog - 65 Farm Cash
St. Bernard - 65 Farm Cash
Terrier - 5,000 coins
Terrier (can't run away) - 65 Farm Cash

Again, there's no exact date for the puppies to leave the store, but I wouldn't delay if I were you (and I were interested in purchasing one or more of these pups). After all, it's likely that Pubble Kibble will disappear eventually as well (regardless of what the big Z says above), leaving you without a free way to grow your new purchase. We'll make sure to let you know if Zynga announces the final day of puppy availability, so keep checking back.

Are you disappointed to see puppies leaving the game, or did you ever bother with adopting / growing one? Sound off in the comments.