FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Chapter 3 Bonus Goals: Everything you need to know

After celebrating Heritage Days in FarmVille's Lighthouse Cove, you'll be ready (but perhaps not willing) to tackle the next series of Bonus Challenges on your new farm. Past Bonus Challenge goal sets have been incredibly expensive to say the least, but depending on which sets of data with these newest goals is correct, you just might be in for a break here. We'll get to the discrepancy in a minute, but for now, let's take a look at the first goal out of three.

Bonus Challenge 1!

  • Get 3 Hobby Horse Rakes

  • Harvest 70 Cove Cranberries

  • Improve the Cove to Level 4

To earn the Hobby Horse Rakes, you'll simply need to post a general request to your news feed asking all friends for help at once. For finishing this first, fairly simple goal (admittedly), you'll receive 500 XP, a Fall Gnome and 2,500 coins.

Bonus Challenge 2!

  • Harvest 90 Chandler Blueberries

  • Harvest 1 Orchard??

  • Make Wild Blueberry Pie Twice

Here's where things get a bit hairy. According to in-game images that Zynga has provided, this second task is technically "Harvest 1 {item}," with a picture of an Orchard. This leads us to believe that you'll simply need to harvest a ready Orchard, which is incredibly simple. However, when speaking of the goals on the game's official forums, we're told that this task is really supposed to be "Expand to a Harbor Homestead," which would cost at least 50 Farm Cash, depending on if you had already expanded twice before to the 16x16 level. We'll let you know when we discover which one is correct. Either way, if you finish this goal entirely, you'll receive 1,000 XP, a Red Cedar Tree and 5,000 coins.

Bonus Challenge 3!

  • Harvest Lighthouse Cove

  • Make Black Raspberry Wine Twice

  • Harvest the Zoo

Raspberry Wine can be crafted inside your Restaurant using three Raspberry, two White Grape and three Chandler Blueberry bushels. As for the Zoo, you'll need to build one of these on your own (check out our guide for more), as you weren't given one when landing in the Cove proper. Only after it's been completed, and it's had a chance to become "ready" after 24 hours will you be able to finish this goal, and the overall Bonus Challenge series, off for good. Finishing this final goal in the trio gives you 500 XP, a Gorilla, 2,500 coins and 10 Animal Feeds.

This entire goal series will need to be completed in under a week, or else they'll expire and take your chance at these rewards with them. Since you still have quite a bit of time before these goals even activate on your land, however, why not plan ahead by building your Zoo, or even making these crafting recipes and then letting them sit completed inside your Restaurant? You'll need to save all of the time you can to finish these three goals in time, so every little bit of planning helps! Good luck!

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