Dennis Quaid or Ozzy Osbourne: Who's Ready to Sell?


First we have Mr. Heavy Metalist and Mrs. Osbourne (pictured at far left) occupying perfectly good space in the MLS with their Malibu home -- previously listed in June at $9.5 million -- back on the market at a "reduced price" of $9.45 million. That's $50,000 off nearly $10 million. Big whoop.

And the very next day, along comes actor Dennis Quaid (pictured with wife Kimberly Buffington) who lowers the price of his Pacific Palisades home by $4 million. A price drop from $13.9 million to $10 million since June signals a motivated seller to me. And since this is the second major shave-and-a-haircut -- it came on the market in March at $16.9 million, make that motivated with a capital M.