CityVille Popular Science Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

Brandy Shaul

Do you like timed goals in CityVille? How about the idea of increasing the payout of your businesses and homes by 100 percent? I thought that might get your attention. It turns out Zynga has combined both of those ideas into one, with a new timed goal, Popular Science. And it will reward you with a Solar Panel, if you earn the top trophy. Before we get ahead of ourselves though, let's take a look at what this new goal requires in the first place.

  • Collect from an Observatory Twice

  • Increase your Population by 5,000

  • Have 10,000 Goods

Now, I don't know about you, but these seem to be the hardest tasks we've seen in a timed goal yet. The Observatory is a Community Building that simply must be built in your town (and as it's been around since February, you might already have one). The population increase is massive, especially considering the amount of room (on average) you'll need to waste with homes to raise your population that much. And if you don't have a storage cap of upwards of 10,000, there's literally no way you could be holding that many Goods at once. Extra Goods storage buildings take up even more space, limiting the amount of other buildings you can construct.

Unless you're one of the veteran or power players that already has the requirements filled for all three of these tasks, you'll at least have a longer time frame--three days--to finish them all for the Gold Trophy. If you can do so, you'll receive just the Solar Panel (no Goods or coins this time), which, as I said above, gives you a 100 percent payout bonus to any buildings you place the Solar Panel next to.

Meanwhile, if you can't finish within three days, your rewards will decrease significantly, with the Silver Trophy rewarding you with 50,000 coins and the Bronze Trophy with 20,000 coins. Now, I already warned you that these tasks were hard, so perhaps now is the best time to tell you that finishing these timed goals is voluntary. There's nothing forcing you to complete them, although you will have to settle with seeing their goal icons in your goal manager until Zynga decides to remove them entirely.

What do you think of this Popular Science timed goal? Do you like CityVille's timed goals in general? Sound off in the comments.