CityVille goes Earth-friendly with Eco theme of items


If you live a rather green lifestyle in the real world and want to carry on that green-living into your town in CityVille, you can now do so by purchasing a series of "Eco" items in the game's store. There are items here focusing on plants, recycling, solar power and more, so let's get started with our look at what's available.

Solar Powered Park (Decoration)

  • Costs: 22 City Cash

  • Payout Bonus: 22% bonus to residences and businesses; bonus 22% to Eco theme

Recycled Art Museum (Community Building)

  • Costs: 65 City Cash

  • Adds 3,750 citizens to the maximum population gap

Solar Reflector (Decoration)

  • Costs: 4,000 coins

  • Payout Bonus: 5% to residences and businesses; bonus 5% to Eco theme

Sunrise High Rises

  • Costs: 70 City Cash

  • Population: 2,100 - 4,100

  • Rent: 326 coins every day

Tree Nursery (Business)

  • Costs: 45 City Cash

  • Requires: 330 Goods

  • Earnings: 1,759 coins

Adobe Apartments (Home)

  • Costs: 55 City Cash

  • Population: 1,350 - 2,650

  • Rent: 250 coins every eight hours

Energy Efficient House (Home)

  • Costs: 60,000 coins

  • Population: 190 - 370

  • Rent: 304 coins every day

In addition to these items, there's also an "Eco Mystery Crate" available for 45 City Cash each. Inside, you'll find one of four items at random: the Recycled Art Museum, Sunrise High Rises, Adobe Apartments or Tree Nursery. Depending on the prize you win, that could be a bargain for the Sunrise High Rises, which normally cost 25 City Cash more, but if you're just walking away with the Tree Nursery, it's not that big of a deal.

Still, this Mystery Crate along with these other Eco themed items will be available in the game's store for the next 15 days, giving you plenty of time to decide whether or not to purchase any/all of them. I highly expect additional Eco items to come out in the coming days, and we'll make sure to let you know if that happens to be the case.

What do you think of these Eco-themed items in CityVille? What other sorts of green technologies would you like to see represented in your town? Sound off in the comments.