Chicago Family Faces Eviction After Questionable House Raid

Harris family chicago
Harris family chicago

In Chicago's quiet Lincoln Park district, what could have prompted police to order a pre-dawn, 40-officer house raid that included two SWAT teams?

For the Harris family, whose lives have come unhinged since that early August morning, the reasons still aren't clear -- but the mess left in its wake could cost them their home, reports The Chicago Tribune.

After police blasted the Lincoln Park home with smoke bombs and accosted the family with rifles pointed, the elaborate raid resulted in only a few misdemeanor charges -- none of which were related to neighbors' initial complaints of gang- and drug-related activity.

The only chargeable offenses police could bring against the Harrises were claims of animal mistreatment -- among them, cuts and abrasions found on one of the family dogs, which, the family maintains, only occurred during the raid. (See the police press release on the raid here.)

And yet, as a result of a subsequent police-ordered home inspection which found several housing code violations, the Harrises now faces eviction on the house that they purchased more than 40 years ago -- all because of neighbors' largely unfounded claims.

"It's not the dogs," Mrs. Harris told The Chicago Tribune. "It's not us. They just want the property."