Zynga Gamestop promotion now live in Cafe World, CityVille, Pioneer Trail and more [UPDATE]

Last night, we brought you a complete rundown of the new GameStop promotion taking place in FarmVille, that will reward users with 1, 3 or 6 mystery goods in the game for redeeming one of the three dollar values of Zynga Game Cards that have been purchased at GameStop. Now, though, the promotion becomes much more interesting (and perhaps more dangerous to your pocketbook), as a similar deal has gone live in Cafe World, Mafia Wars, YoVille, CityVille, the Pioneer Trail and Empires & Allies! Holy cow!

To be specific, each game has its own set of items, some of which are exclusive to this GameStop promotion. If you purchase a $10 Game Card, you're guaranteed to receive just a single Mystery Good, although which item on the list you'll receive looks to truly be a mystery. For $25, your prize goes up to three Mystery Goods, while the top dollar amount - $50 - grants you six prizes. Keep in mind, you'll also receive the appropriate amount of premium currency for the particular game you've redeemed the card in.

Here's a complete look at the items that are available (notice that some are re-releases, or are least far less valuable than others - Cafe World spice, I'm looking at you).

Interestingly, Adventure World isn't found in this promotion, but that's likely due to its still young age. You'll only have until November 6 to take advantage of this offer, but in that time you can purchase as many cards (or as few) as you'd like. Perhaps we'll see Adventure World items added in that time frame, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that possibility just to be safe. For more information, check out the promotion's website.

UPDATE: We've spoken with Zynga, which confirms that Adventure World players won't be left out in the cold. If you're a PowerUp Rewards member (GameStop's rewards program), you'll receive an additional code for a starter pack in Adventure World or the upcoming Mafia Wars 2.

Will you purchase a Zynga Game Card or two during this promotional period? Which game will you redeem it in, and which items are you hoping to win when you do? Let us know in the comments!