Supermarket Employee Accused of Putting Semen In Yogurt Sample

The moral of the story is to raise all your own food and always eat at home.

After initially pleading innocent to charges of adulterating food and lying to federal investigators, 32-year-old Anthony Garcia will be entering a guilty plea in U.S. District Court on Thursday, according to a report on the Smoking Gun website. In short, he's expected to fess up to serving a yogurt sample mixed with his own semen while he was a supermarket employee in New Mexico.

Garcia, who had been an employee of the Sunflower Farmers Market in Albuquerque, had initially entered a not guilty plea back in July. There was no word from Garcia's lawyer, John Van Butcher, why his client might have had a change of heart. But perhaps he's unable to offer a defense to the argument being prepared by the plaintiff. Unnamed in the New Mexico police report, the 29-year-old woman told police that she was "sure that's what it was" in the yogurt, according to the police report.

In relaying her story to the police, the woman recounted being targeted back in January by a pair of male supermarket employees, who accosted her in the cereal area of the supermarket after pointing at her among themselves. She accepted the free sample in spite of its clear appearance.

As Gawker notes, Garcia faces up to eight years for the pair of offenses. The 29-year-old is being joined in the suit by two other women, who also say they were offered a funky sample.

While Garcia's possible motive hasn't been reported, and it appears that the women were chosen randomly, his alleged act is an ultimate revenge fantasy for service workers. What better way to stick it to the rude, unappreciative and even unwitting customer? Or even, the hated boss.

Basic human decency should dissuade all non-sociopaths from following through on the act, but popular culture has been a place to vicariously indulge in the fantasy. For instance, the 1995 cult film "Mallrats" offered an exercise in bowel-fueled spite. The characters Brodie and TS, played by Jason Lee and Jeremy London, are down on their luck with their girlfriends, and find themselves at the local New Jersey mall. They soon find out the father of one of their girlfriends is hosting one of his game shows at the mall, and is also looking to trap the two into getting arrested. Their revenge is the so-called stink palm.

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