Is there more to PS Vita's 'Near' social feature than we thought?

PlayStation Vita Near
PlayStation Vita Near

Catchphrases like "Social Gaming Revolution," have clouded what the device actually accomplishes with its social features somewhat. But now Sony has unveiled more than just cursory glances, and has detailed the PS Vita's Near feature in full.

Sure, we already knew that Near would allow players to gift one another based on location, but, according to the PlayStation Blog, it goes deeper than that. When PS Vita players press the "Update" button, it will send a ping in an outward radius to other potential Vita players with current, location-based information about you. From there, players can challenge those around them to competitive games or join forces in a co-op romp.

Of course, this is all assuming the games support said features, which we're sure at least some will. But how Sony is going to get you hooked on playing in public more often is the fact that players may have to share through Near in order unlock new content. Want that new multiplayer map for your Vita shooter of choice? Better head to the nearest library or airport to get it. You'll also be able to compare player stats like trophies through Near.

Wait a tick--that sounds a lot like how FarmVille players compare farms or Mastery achievements. Regardless of whether you're on board with Sony's PlayStation Vita handheld gaming console, it's undeniable that the device is a response to the social and mobile gaming scenes. We'll whether that response is strong enough in 2012.

[Via Kotaku]

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