Lunchtime Poll: Your thoughts on Pioneer Trail's Fort Courage finale?

Pioneer Trail World Map
Pioneer Trail World Map

Now that Zynga has finally released the Pioneer Trail finale to everyone with Fort Courage, it seems that many players are less than enthused about the release. While it appears that the developer made the area into a permanent zone on the World Map, pioneers everywhere sound bummed with, frankly, the lack of content available.

For one, capturing the Gratchet Gang in Fort Courage is nothing more than approaching the trio and clicking on them to receive a pop-up window and cute illustration. And once players arrive to the actual fort, they're simply given the opportunity to purchase items with Trail Points and start all over again from Beaver Valley with the opportunity for more rewards.

Pioneer Trail player free1indeed seems to capture the general sentiment of this 54-page forum thread: "Yeah, it's out and what a disappointment it is! All the hype and all you can do it collect from and talk to soldiers and water prickly cactus ... wow ... What a disappointment." Though, players like NiniD come to Zynga's defense regarding Fort Courage early on.

Forum moderator MizzFaith reminds players that more may be on the way for Fort Courage to hopefully make up for the lack of content. However, I wouldn't expect those updates to come until after this shiny new Ghost Town feature is released. But we want to know what you think of Fort Courage right now, so ...

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