Infographic: What to Expect When the Next iPhone Is Unveiled Tomorrow

Tomorrow at 1 Eastern/10 Pacific, The Motley Fool's top analysts will be hosting a live blog breaking down what Apple's iPhone 5 press conference means for investors. The best part? They'll also be taking any questions you have about the phone and Apple as an investment as well. Make sure to set a reminder to come back to this Tuesday for all your iPhone 5 news and analysis!

Rumors are swirling fast and furious about the iPhone 5. Late reports are indicating Sprint Nextel is (NYS: S) taking a bet-the-farm strategy on the phone. The Wall Street Journal reports that Sprint is promising Apple (NAS: AAPL) it'll move 30.5 million units over the next four years in return for being able to sell the phone. Both Verizon (NYS: VZ) and AT&T (NYS: T) customers are waiting to see what upgrades the phone will contain for linking to their network. Early reports indicate that the iPhone will have 4G-like HSPA+ on AT&T.

However, much remains to be seen. Here's an Infographic showing our best guess on the main features present in the iPhone 5 tomorrow.


The upgraded camera, social integration, and processor should be shoo-ins. However, a new design isn't assured, so don't be surprised if late reports that Apple unveils a very similar looking iPhone 4S that might not include a larger screen size prove true.

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