Games And Prizes brings casual games, real prizes to Facebook

Games and Prizes logo boxTitan Gaming Inc. launched a beta Facebook app last week, appropiately titled "Games And Prizes", with a suite of games that allow players to win real world goods, promising everything from shoes to computer hardware. If you loved the deal saver social game Penny Drop, but wanted real games to play, then this could be the next best thing.

There are 22 games currently available for plays and bets. These include a Zuma Blitz look-alike called Crazy King, an obvious Pac-Man ripoff (down to the color palette) called Ghostman, a Tetris clone called Prizetris, a bubble shooter called Ballsy, and even an Asteroids as "Asteroids". Players can see how many friends have also played these games, and earn achievement badges and virtual coins through winning games and daily spins. More coins can be bought with Facebook Credits.
Games And Prizes Top Games
Brands who've signed up to promote themselves on this app are Alienware, ShoeDazzle, Beach Body, ClarityOne Audio, and Antica Farmacista.

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