FarmVille Mystery Game (10/02/11): Horse theme leads to a free Halloween Tower

If you're a FarmVille Horse collector that still hasn't had your fill of adding Horses to your collection with the release of Mystery Boxes and return of plenty of past Horses to the store, why not take a look at this week's Mystery Game? That's right, this week's theme is primarily Horses, while this week's bonus prize is a bit... odd.

First things first, this week's game costs 20 Farm Cash to play per dart. While you don't have a guarantee of receiving a different animal with every dart you throw, if you do win, you'll walk away with one of the following:

  • Black Arabian

  • Brumby Horse

  • Peruvian Horse

  • Tennessee Horse

  • Trakehner Horse

  • Trotter Stallion

If you win all six (again, this might not happen on your first six darts, and can turn into a very expensive prospect depending on your luck), you'll walk away with a bonus prize, this time in the new Halloween limited edition item theme. The item specifically is the Halloween Tower, as seen at right in TritonHelper's picture from the FarmVille forums.

Interestingly, it looks like these Horses are scaled down a bit, as looking at the Foal in the background shows that they aren't as big as other Horses you may already have in your collection. Not that this is the first time animals have been oddly scaled in the game, but I digress.

Whether you're going for the full set, or just one or two of these Horses, make sure to throw those darts within the next week, while they're still available. Good luck!

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Will you play this week's Mystery Game? Which Horses did you want to win? Which ones did you actually end up with? Sound off in the comments!