FarmVille Halloween Items: Nightmare Unicorn, Fire Peach Tree and more

With tonight's FarmVille update, we see a slew of new items launch in the current limited edition Halloween item theme. If you've yet to pull your Halloween items out of storage, now's the time, as you've got plenty of items to further flesh out your spooky graveyard or ghost town on your farm(s). As usual, we're here to give you a complete rundown of the items available this evening, so let's get started!


Fire Peach Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Fire Peach Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Jack O Lantern Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Jack O Lantern Tree - 14 Farm Cash

For tree collectors, tonight's update is a big one as it sees the release of four new trees, along with four corresponding mastery signs. As you'd expect, the two Peach Trees are a pair, with the giant version being available for free via Mystery Seedlings. Likewise, the Giant Jack O Lantern Tree is available as a Mystery Seedling as well, so feel free to skip purchasing it and only invest in the Jack O Lantern Tree. As for mastery, all of these trees come with the same stats, and will be mastered after 75, 150 and 225 harvests each.


Nightmare (Pony) - 26 Farm Cash
Nightmare Unicorn - 30 Farm Cash
Nightmare Sheep - 20 Farm Cash
Nightmare Cow - 24 Farm Cash

All of these animals have one thing in common, other than having "Nightmare" in their names: they are all a dark brown/black animal with some kind of flames for "hair." In the case of the Nightmare Unicorn, the flames are an awesome bright blue color, while the other three animals have orange flames. Keep in mind, farmers, that the Nightmare Pony (officially called just the "Nightmare") was originally released in last year's Halloween theme, and then again in the Birthday event last June. Make sure you don't already have one in your collection before spending anymore Farm Cash on the animal.


Ghost Inn - 30 Farm Cash

Yet again, we're seeing a fairly awesome Halloween building being released for Farm Cash (unfortunately). This one is a few shades of purple and has glowing windows. Perhaps I'm just partial (my favorite color is purple, after all), but this one is definitely temping my wallet.


Raven - 18 Farm Cash
Trick or Treat - 15 Farm Cash
Misty Waterfall - 18 Farm Cash
Skeleton Flamingo - 30,000 coins
Black Rose Planter - 8,000 coins
Dreadful Fence - 5,000 coins

If you already own a few of the Black Rose items from previous themes, know that this one is a different item that you can add to your collection. As for the Dreadful Fence, this is a re-released item that would make the perfect accompaniment to any Graveyard area you have setup on your farm with previously released tombstones.

Avatar Costumes

Ugly Duckling - 50 Farm Cash
Duck - 45 Farm Cash
Black Sheep - 40 Farm Cash
Sheep - 45 Farm Cash
Pink Cow - 35 Farm Cash

Unfortunately, if you want your avatar to be dressed up as any of the most basic animals from FarmVille, you're going to have to shell out a ton of Farm Cash to do so. Hopefully, we'll see additional costumes released in the future - even if they're re-released ones - that are a bit cheaper.

As usual, these new items come with a two week time limit, giving you plenty of time to purchase Farm Cash if you need to, and enough time to pull out your other Halloween items to see just which of these new items go best with those already in your collection. Just remember to go shopping sooner, rather than later, so you don't forget about these new items entirely (trust me, I've been guilty of that more than once).

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What do you think of these new FarmVille Halloween items? Have you already decided which costume to dress your avatar up in this year? Sound off in the comments.