Dexter Slice of Life chops up Facebook after Season 6 debut

Dexter Slice of Life gameplay
It's time to see the darker side of Facebook games ... much darker. Like, "a social game about serial killers" dark. Ecko|Code announced that Dexter Slice of Life is now available for play on Facebook, and just in time for the show's Season 6 debut last night. The game enlists players as Dexter, tasking them with the daunting mission of investigating big-time criminals and giving them the axe--literally.

It appears to be the first social game of its kind to employ real-time stealth gameplay that has players stalking Dexter's prey and lunging for the good old shot of tranquilizer. (We're sure you all know what happens afterward.) Of course, there's no escape yet from common Facebook game tropes like maintaining property--in this case, Dexter's apartment complex--but it's the Dark Passenger multiplayer system that Ecko|Code appeared most excited about when they told us all about the game last month.
Dexter Slice of Life kill room
Well, that and the fact that the game features full voiceover work from the show's star, Michael C. Hall. Not to mention that the Dexter screen writers worked with the developer to craft relevant missions that will explore the Season 6 plot in more detail every Monday, after the latest episode airs on Showtime. Slice of Life looks like it might tread new ground in the ever-growing branded games scene on Facebook, but don't take our word for it. See it for yourself, but beware: Spoiler Warning!

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