CityVille Universities: Everything you need to know


While Elementary, Middle and High Schools in CityVille are one thing (fairly forgettable things, if we're being honest), Zynga is really getting into the school spirit this week with the release of a University feature in the game. This feature is more than just a single building, as you'll be able to build and name your own University consisting of multiple parts. First, you'll need to be at least level 23 to access this feature, but from there, will need to place a Student Center to get things started.

The Student Center takes seven whacks to build. To finish its construction, you'll need to collect various building materials:

  • 6 Gowns

  • 6 Laptops

  • 6 Caps

  • 6 Textbooks

  • 6 Notebooks

The Gowns and Caps are earned through general news posts on your wall, while the other three items are earned through specific requests sent to individual friends. After the construction is finished, you'll get to name your Student Center and overall University. This currently can't be renamed, so make sure to choose something you really like.

After the naming process, you'll get to choose a logo, with a generic CityVille U logo being available for free, and tons more representing real world universities. These real-world logos come via a partnership between Zynga and Collegiate Licensing Company, which allows the logos to be represented in the game virtually. These logos cost City Cash, and come with a catch.

Once you purchase a logo with CIty Cash, it can be used on any duplicate college buildings you build, but not on different buildings. For instance, if I chose the Boise State logo for my first Student Center, and then built another Student Center, I could use the same logo twice without paying for it a second time. However, if I later built a College Stadium, Dorm, etc. I would need to purchase the logo all over again. This, needless to say might turn into a pretty costly endeavor, depending on how many college buildings you plan on investing in.

Speaking of, there are currently four additional buildings that can be constructed, but again, this can only be done after the Student Center is completely built (building materials and all). Here's a rundown of where you extra school spirit can go.

  • Collect Stadium - 150,000 coins

  • Collect Dorm - 30,000 coins

  • University Sign - 8,000 coins

  • Clock Tower - 16,000 coins

It's not unlikely that additional college-themed buildings will be released in the future, but for now, this gives you plenty to work on. As for an overall function, there doesn't really appear to be one here other than simply allowing you to show off your real-world team colors inside your CityVille town. Should we come across anything different, we'll make sure to let you know.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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Will you build a large college complex in your town in CityVille? Which college logo are you going to unlock? Share your team spirit with us in the comments!