CityVille Campaign Rally sale sees items marked down by up to 50%

Are there any expensive City Cash or coin items in CityVille that you've always wanted to purchase but you never wanted to actually splurge on? Now's the time to head back into the store for a second look then Mayors, as quite a few items have been given a temporary markdown in a "Campaign Rally Sale."

While some items, like a Back to School House are only marked down 10%, and therefore are likely too expensive to be worthwhile (in our example, the home still costs 75 City Cash), there are other deals here worth mentioning. For instance, decorations like the Bandstand and Sign Spinner now cost less than 10 City Cash each due to their 40-50% reductions, while larger items like the Discovery Aquarium are 33% off, bringing that item's particular price to 61 City Cash.

There are plenty of coin items on sale here too, and these share some of the highest discounts in this particular sale. A Celebrity Trailer decoration, for instance, costs 12,000 coins instead of 24,000, while the Camera Shop costs 11,000 coins, down from 22,000. Also keep in mind that some of these items are limited edition, giving you even more incentive to purchase them during this sale (after all, what's better than getting an exclusive item at a cheaper cost if you were already going to purchase one anyway?).

Here's a look at all of the sale items - happy shopping!

Will you purchase any of these items while they're on sale, or did you already have any interesting items city? Which ones did you decide to purchase? Tell us in the comments!