Cafe World Signature Dish feature coming soon [Video]

While sometimes it may seem like Cafe World is more about asking your friends for items than actually cooking, a new feature will soon be launching in the game called "Signature Dish," which will apparently put a focus back on cooking. To put it simply, this feature will allow you to combine various ingredients to create your own dishes. These dishes can then be cooked and mastered in your cafe.

Along with this new feature will come a seven-part goal series which will see us building something called the "DishMaster." This DishMaster will give us access to a Taste Lab where we'll be able to combine our ingredients. Each dish starts out with Base Ingredients, and can then be spruced up using meats, herbs, spices or even side dishes. Two base ingredients, for example, may be Spaghetti or White Rice.

Once this feature launches, a new "Taste Lab" section will be available in you cookbook. It looks like we'll be able to create just four signature dishes to start, with additional recipe slots being unlocked with Cafe Cash. When creating dishes, we'll use one of each ingredient to create it, with ingredients coming from another new feature: Farmer Fred's Ingredient Marketplace. Some ingredients go for Cafe Cash, while others cost varying amount of coins. Each particular ingredient updates the stats of your dish; that is, if you use Beef in your recipe, it will automatically gain six hours of cooking time, while Pork adds just four hours. Each ingredient also adds different amount of Cafe Points and Servings to your final product.

Again, this Signature Dish feature is still listed as "coming soon," but it does give those players who like mastering dishes something to be very excited about. We'll make sure to bring you a complete look at these DishMaster goals and the Signature Dish feature when it fully launches in the game, but for now, check out the trailer below for more of a sneak peek.

Are you excited about the upcoming Signature Dish feature in Cafe World, or does it add an extra layer of complexity to the game that it doesn't need? Sound off in the comments.