Adventure World Quaking Mine Expedition: Everything you need to know

While Expeditions in Adventure World already come with time limits, the Quaking Mine Expedition is particularly rushed as a mine is about to collapse! Ok, sure, you can take your time completing this Expedition, and won't really have to worry about the mine collapsing, but in the story things are a wreck! We're here to guide you through the Quaking Mine, but before you begin, make sure you have the required 1300 Supplies, along with 5 each of Food, Fuel and Water to get started. Quaking Mine has a two day time limit, so don't delay!

The Quaking Idol

  • Recover the Quaking Idol

  • Place the Quaklng Idol on the Pedestal

In this particular Expedition, some careless miners removed the idol of the Earthquake God and now the ground won't stop shaking! To prevent the mine from collapsing, you'll need to find the Quaking Idol and then place it back on its pedestal at the end of the map. In this Expedition, you'll travel along mine tracks while pushing carts. If you find an area that's inaccessible due to raised platforms, more often than not, simply pushing a mine cart into them will lower them (this will become pretty important in a minute).

As for collecting the Quaking Idol itself, you'll first need to locate the switches to turn off the traps blocking it. These are found in mushroom covered rocks, as seen below. While that may not immediately unlock your path to the Idol, it does allow you to get to the switch to turn off the Idol's specific trap.

To place the idol itself, you'll need to push a Mine Cart down a very long track until you reach a series of Skulls. You'll need to activate these skulls in a specific order (note the mushrooms covering the ordered markings back on the mine track) in order to lower the wall blocking your access to the Quaking Idol pedestal.

Crystal Cracker

  • Break 3 Giant Crystals

  • Break 4 Crystal Formations

This one's simple - just walk around the map smashing any crystals you see until you're done. Here's a look at the two different kinds for your reference.

Minecart Valet

  • Push 5 Minecarts to the end of their tracks

  • Ask friends for 10 Flashlight Bulbs

Collecting the Flashlight Bulbs is easily the most difficult portion of this Expedition, as you'll need to wait for others to help you out, rather than being able to do everything yourself. As we said before, the Minecarts can be pushed using energy and will unlock treasures at the end of their tracks. There are only five carts that can be pushed, conveniently enough, so push every cart you see to the end of its track and you'll finish off the first portion of this quest.

Once you've finished these three quests, you'll have completely finished the Quaking Mine Expedition, and will have saved the mine from collapse (and yourself from being squished!). This is a fairly short Expedition, in terms of the length of the map, so unless you run into trouble when collecting the Flashlight Bulbs, you shouldn't have any problem finishing it off in the two day time limit you're given.

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What do you think of this Quaking Mine Expedition? Is it one of the easiest you've played through thus far, or is it more challenging than it outwardly seems? Sound off in the comments.