Adventure World Cavern Quests: Everything you need to know

If you like sticking close to the story in Adventure World, you may have already completed the Monkey Idol and Bird Idol quests, taking you to the halfway point in your attempt to unlock the secrets of El Dorado by opening its locked doors. Continuing in the story, you'll next need to travel into a Cavern to find the Snake Idol, which requires quite a bit of Supplies (and help from friends) to pull off. Specifically, these quests, as they are story-based and therefore "mandatory" (that is, if you ever want to move the story along), there's no time limit to completing them.

You'll need to add eight crew members to your team by asking your friends to help you out, and you must collect a whopping 80 each of Food, Fuel and Water. While normally, asking your friends for help is voluntary, here it's absolutely required, so make sure to ask your friends to be your neighbors if you don't currently have active folks playing with you. Once you begin, as usual, there will be an overall set of quests to retrieve the Snake Idol, along with secondary quests that you can complete along the way. Here's a guide to recovering the Snake Idol, and getting that much closer to the treasures within El Dorado!

Cavern Main Quests

Find the Snake Idol Part 1

  • Investigate the Keystone Clue

  • Use the Ruby Skull on the Pedestal

  • Light the Central Ruby Skull

First things first, your goal will be to make it to the Red Skull which rests shortly after the first track and Mine Cart. You'll have to push the Mine Cart along the path, wasting energy as you go, until you eventually make it to this small "island," if you will. The key in the picture below is covered with debris, so just interact with the debris to clear it. Then, by clicking on the skull itself, you'll see the Central Tower's ruby skull light as well. If you're putting two and two together here, the point would of course be to light all of the skulls in the Central Tower one by one.

Find the Snake Idol Part 2

  • Investigate the Red Keystone Clue

  • Investigate the Blue Keystone Clue

  • Use the Two Skulls

  • Light the Central Sapphire Skull

If these tasks tell us anything, it's that the process isn't simply a "one at a time" deal of lighting the skulls. Instead, each time you light a skull, you simply extend the chain. Since red came first, you'll need to activate another red skull and then a blue skull as well. The two keystones are found under the mushrooms highlighted below.

Find the Snake Idol Part 3

  • Use the Three Skulls

  • Use the Four Sulls

  • Use the Five Skulls

  • Light the Column of Skulls

Rather than having a single quest for each individual color, this next quest combines all of your work into one, making it a rather lengthy one to complete. The third and fourth skulls to light contain keystones that are near each other on the map, as seen below. When you clear the mushrooms off of the keystones, you'll be told the order in which to activate the skulls. Only by activating them in the right order will you light the skull in the Central Tower, so make sure to pay attention!

As for the fifth and final skull, this set of keystones is found at the end of the map, after another mine cart and series of traps that need to be deactivated. The skulls are even blocked by a rock that can only be removed by Dynamite, which can be purchased back in Base Camp for 1,000 coins.

Find the Snake Idol Part 4

  • Reveal the Water path!

  • Walk on Water to find the Idol

  • Recover the Snake Idol

After the entirety of the Central Tower is lit, a series of three stones will appear in the water nearby. By walking out onto these rocks, you cause more to appear, until you're standing on the central platform next to the tower of lighted skulls. Another set of stones appear (as seen below under the arrow) and by walking out on these, you'll eventually reach the small island that houses the Snake Idol. Activate the keyhole next to it, and the pillar holding the idol will lower so you can collect it.

Find the Snake Idol Part 5

  • Return to Base

  • Place the Snake Idol

The last bit is just a formality, so head back to Base Camp, click on the statue with the transparent snake and voila! You'll have finished off the main portion of these story quests! Keep in mind, however, that even if you complete these quests before the others (the side-quests below), you'll be able to go back later by visiting the Map Screen and finish them off. There's valuable XP waiting there, so they really are worth completing.

Cavern Side Quests

Riches of Mesoamerica

  • Collect 8 Silver Nuggets

  • Collect 4 Gold Nuggets

  • Collect a Platinum Nugget

  • Collect 3 Gemstones

As you make your way through this large map, you'll see plenty of rocks that are labeled as "Ore Rocks" when you hover over them. Most of these are out of the way, so you may not even think you need to interact with them, but if you want to complete all of these side quests, you'll definitely need to do so. You'll never know which kind of material will pop out of each rock, so just click on every rock you see (energy permitting) to eventually complete this time-consuming quest off. Note: you may not receive an item with every rock destroyed, so keep that in mind.

Tunnel of Love

  • Collect 5 Spider Silks

  • Collect 5 Lovely Crystal Dusts

  • Collect 5 Mushroom Spores

Yet again, we see Emily out to impress a boy, this time by concocting a love potion made out of materials you'll need to gather. Spiders are the main enemies in this map, so you'll have no trouble finding nests to destroy to earn the Silk. Meanwhile, Lovely Crystal Dust is found within pink crystals (not to be confused with the many blue crystals also found on the map) that are on the far right side of the map, and Mushroom Spores - you guessed it - come from Mushroom Colonies. Here are some screenshots of what to look out for when gathering these items.

Society Work

  • Get 2 Azure Skulls

  • Get 8 Jade Vases

  • Get 4 Ruby Vases

  • Get some Diamond Coating from the Gemstone Collection

As has become customary, we're being given a side-quest to collect Jade and Ruby Vases, with these items being scattered openly throughout the map. They may be blocked by various kinds of debris, but at least they aren't overly hard to find. For instance, you'll be able to find all four Ruby Vases before ever activating the second skull above. For the Diamond Coating, you'll need to get a bit lucky, as you'll first need to collect the five pieces of the Gemstone Collection (on any Cavern map, like the one we're currently on) in order to trade them in for your reward. Don't worry if you don't gather all of the pieces during you time with this Expedition - you can come back later to turn in the quest (thus earning extra experience points) at a later date.

For the Azure Skulls, you'll wan to look out for squares like the one pictured below, which show stairs being covered up by spider webs. Bu interacting with the webs, you can remove them and venture into the abandoned mine below. Here, you'll find even more Ruby and Jade Vases, along with the Skull and various debris.

Danger in the Cavern

  • Defeat 12 Spiders in the Cavern

  • Clear 4 Spider Webs

  • Clear 6 Spider Nests

Apparently, the mining company that abandoned this place did so because of the relentless spider infestation, but would really like to have it back. They're willing to pay you handsomely (with experience points, anyway) if you can clear out the spiders and allow them to return to work. Spider Nests are necessary for the Spider Silks in the quest above, so shouldn't pose a problem, while Spider Webs are a new kind of obstacle that see a web being hung between two branches blocking your path. You'll likely come across enough of them while simply completing other quests to not have to go out hunting for them either. As for Spiders themselves, you don't have to find them... they'll come to you. Note: In the screenshot below, webs did hang between the two sets of branches, but I had already cleared them out.

Once you complete all of these quests (which will likely take you quite a while to do), you will have successfully retrieved the Snake Idol and will be that much closer to finally unlocking the secrets of El Dorado. Only the Jaguar Idol remains, so make sure to keep checking back with us as we'll give you a complete guide to collecting it as well! Happy adventuring!

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What do you think of these Cavern / Snake Idol quests? Have you already collected all four Idols and opened El Dorado? Sound off in the comments.