Sample Cover Letter: Retail Employee

retail sales cover letter exampleClaudia Murphy
Owner, The Little Boutique
509 Brick St., Chicago, IL 60601

Dear Ms. Murphy,

The Little Boutique's reputation for selling high-quality merchandise and providing excellent customer service prompted me to apply for the open management position at your store. I believe that my experience as a store manager -- including my proven history of converting top-notch customer service into sales, increasing staff retention rates, and reducing operating costs and store losses -- makes me very well qualified to be the next manager at The Little Boutique.

In my current role as an assistant manager at The Big Store, I not only strive for smooth, day-to-day store operations, but I also make it a point to focus on larger, long-term goals. For one, I implemented regular staff sales training which not only led to a 30 percent increase in year-over-year sales but also improved our staff retention rate by 50 percent. Our customers have also noticed a difference in the staff. Last month, our store was awarded the "Gold Star for Customer Service Excellence" for being the location with the most positive customer feedback.

Besides my hands-on experience working in retail, I also received my associate's degree in retail management from Hudson Community College. There, I was able to hone my retail math, visual merchandising and vendor relations skills, and build a strong foundation of industry knowledge. I have regularly used these skills to make functional and aesthetic improvements to the stores where I've worked.

I have always admired The Little Boutique, and believe I can meet your high standards for management personnel. I look forward to meeting you in an interview.


Michelle Jobseeker

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