Adventure World Danger Mine Expedition: Everything you need to know

After completing the three Indiana Jones-themed Expeditions in Adventure World, you'll have a chance to get back on track with the main game. The next Expedition on our list is Danger Mine, which asks you to recover a set of TNT crates before they can explode. This particular Expedition requires 1000 Supplies and five each of Fuel, Food and Water to begin, and you only have a single day to accomplish all of the quests therein. Here's a guide to help you out.

Crates of Boom

  • Get the First Crate of TNT

  • Get the Second Crate of TNT

  • Get the Third Crate of TNT

The crates are all sitting next to numbered rocks, so you know the order to go after them in. However, picking them up in the wrong order would be incredibly difficult, as this is one Expedition that has you navigating between open areas using mine carts. As you're underground and in a mine, after all, you'll only be able to walk long distances by pushing a mine cart in front of you. This wastes a lot of energy, but eventually you'll end up at an open area containing the TNT and other goodies that can be collected / cleared for extra energy or XP. Note that there are plenty of other TNT crates around the map, but only the ones standing next to numbered rocks really count.

Mush Rooms

  • Clear 15 Mushroom Colonies

Blocking your path(s) here in Danger Mine are Mushroom Colonies, along with spider webs and other traditional debris. These Mushroom Colonies are important, because apparently one of your adventure teammates wants mushroom soup tonight (leave it to you to be the errand boy/girl). You'll clear out Mushroom Colonies with your machete, so just clear out every colony you see to be sure.

Back on Track

  • Collect 5 Track Fragments

  • Repair 5 Broken Tracks

The Track Fragments are found scattered around the map, and a simple click on them will collect them. You'll be able to pick them out amongst the rest of the tracks as they tend to face the opposite direction and look like the picture below. Also highlighted there are the broken track areas that need to be repaired.

All in all, this particular Expedition is fairly straight-forward, and so long as you're diligent about coming back and playing more than once per day, you should have no problem completing the entirety of it within the one day time limit. Remember, you can also bring up to five friends in on this Expedition with you, for 15 free energy, making any spiders you encounter not such a great threat to your energy bar after all. Keep checking back with us as we'll bring you more coverage of all of the Expeditions in Adventure World!

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What do you think of this Danger Mine Expedition? Did you find it to be one of the easiest we've seen so far, or do the spiders over-complicate things? Sound off in the comments.

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