FarmVille Sneak Peek: Giant Jack-O'-Lantern collection event coming for Halloween?

My, my is Zynga ever predictable. It looks like a third Jack-O'-Lantern collection event will be coming to FarmVille to celebrate Halloween this year, asking users to collect pieces of candy or other themed items (called "Treats") in order to trade them in for collectible items inside a new "Giant Jack-O'-Lantern."

If the menu below is anything to go by, then FarmVilleFreak has discovered that the menu will allow us to not only collect Treats to fill a meter (as we're used to), but we might also be able to purchase the prizes themselves directly from the menu, if asking for Treats is too time-consuming for your liking (this could also just be a link to purchase Treats in bulk). Either way, keep in mind that some of the text in this window is a placeholder, as we'll of course be able to redeem our Treats for themed items, and not just six different "Purple Valentine Cows." Still, this gives us something to look forward to in the long run, as we know we'll be able to interact with friends to earn as many Treats possible within the few weeks that will likely be available to do so.

As for the Treats themselves, it looks like we'll be able to collect Candy Corn, wrapped pieces of Candy and perhaps even small Jack-O'-Lanterns to fill our Giant Jack-O'-Lantern to the brim. It would be great to see a return of the Haunted House as well, giving us free Candy daily, but a new item released for the same purpose also wouldn't be an entirely bad thing.

We'll make sure to keep an eye on all of the Halloween festivities in FarmVille, and will make sure you're the first to know when this Giant Jack-O'-Lantern (or Halloween collection event in general) kicks off in the game.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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Are you looking forward to collecting pieces of candy to earn more prizes in FarmVille this Halloween? Sound off in the comments.
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