FarmVille Sneak Peek: Apple Bobbing feature coming soon?

With the fall season now upon us, it looks like Zynga will be releasing a new feature in FarmVille concerning a Fall staple at carnivals and parties: Apple Bobbing. Via a new Apple Bobbing Stand, seen in the banner above, along with at least five goals, we'll be able to apparently bring the chaotic fun of apple bobbing to our farms.

While the exact function of the Apple Bobbing Stand or even the accompanying goals has yet to be announced, there's always room for speculation. With the bag of Apples that we see above, it looks like the Apples themselves might be collectibles of some kind. Could this be the return of the token-collecting feature that sees us collecting dozens, if not hundreds of apples to redeem them for special fall-themed prizes?

Or, perhaps these goals will simply function as a way to reward us with this Apple Bobbing Stand, which will animate in some way (or serve some other purpose beside being purely decorative) to make it worthwhile. Whatever the case, it has this farmer incredibly interested in learning more, and if you're the same, make sure to keep checking back with us as we'll bring you all of the info about this supposed Apple Bobbing feature as soon as we know more.

Note: This is an unreleased feature, which may change before release or may never release at all (granted, that final option is incredibly unlikely).

Are you excited for Apple Bobbing to come to FarmVille, no matter its form? What do you think the Apple Bobbing goals will contain? Speculate with us in the comments!