FarmVille: Is a free Duckling a sign of things to come?

The last time we were frequently given free Ducklings in FarmVille, we had yet to see the launch of the Aviary animal habitat in the game. One could theorize that the launch of the Ducklings back then were a warning for us that Ducks and Birds in general would become pretty important in the game in the future. If we take that route of speculation, then what does today's free Duckling mean?

First things first, you'll receive this free Duckling automatically when logging in (if you don't receive it yet, it's possible that the freebie hasn't "rolled around" to your game yet). Once you click on the "Place" button, you'll see that your Duckling is a Red Duckling (by all accounts, it doesn't seem that this varies across users), which can grow into anything from a Black, Blue or Red Swans or even a Rainbow Duck (with a few options in between).

Unfortunately, this free Duckling doesn't let you escape from the work of growing it, so you'll need to ask seven friends for help in nurturing your little Duckling. The quicker you do so, the more options you'll have when it comes to growing it into an adult, or you can simply sell the Duckling for a quick 100 coins of profit, if you'd rather not deal with growing it up.

If we go back to speculating, does this mean we might see a new Duck/Bird-themed item released in FarmVille in the future? Perhaps a set of Ducks will be released in the Lighthouse Cove theme? Or, maybe this isn't as complicated as all that, and is simply a gift from Zynga to us to keep us busy this weekend. Whatever the case, we'll keep an eye on things and will let you know.

Will you take the time to grow this Duckling into an adult, or will you just sell it? What sorts of other free items would you like to see Zynga give away? Sound off in the comments.
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