FarmVille: Coin Tree and Giant Coin Tree now available in the store


While you may already have a collection of Giant Coin Trees on your farm(s) in FarmVille, if you're like me, you were probably fairly disappointed in the "giant" size of that particular tree. Well, be disappointed no longer friends, as Zynga has finally fixed the size discrepancy with these trees, making them truly giant (at least when compared to other giant trees in the game), and has even released them for purchase in the store.

Not only that, but we see the Level 1 tree of this pairing - the regular Coin Tree - also available to buy in the game's marketplace. The pair goes for 5 and 10 Farm Cash each, which is exciting for those that were tried of the 7/8-14 Farm Cash prices we've seen take over the store in the past few months. Again, this Giant Coin Tree is the same one you likely already have on your land to begin with, and you don't have to do anything special (or purchase any additional Giant Coin Trees) to automatically convert all of your existing trees to the new "Giant" size.

For a look at the two different trees, you can check out our picture at right. Keep in mind that the Giant Coin Tree used to look like the version on the left, which is now just the standard Coin Tree. The larger tree on the right is the Giant Coin Tree as it functions today in the game, the way it should have been all along.

If you don't happen to have one of these Giant Coin Trees on your farm, or you just wish to purchase the smaller version to go along with it, make sure to do it fast as they'll only be available for five more days.

Will you purchase either of these Coin Trees from the store? Did you notice that your Giant Coin Trees had grown in size automatically over the past few days? Sound off in the comments.